RASTA SALUTE



  Good vibes,Blessed love to one and all.Rasta salute to all our ardent visitors.This blog keeps H.I.M (His Imperial Majesty) Love flowing in symbiotic ways ,each one teach one.RASTAFARI bless us still.

  In this time of armaggideon mans only chance is to draw closer to a higher and upright sense of spirituality.As the Ible(Bible) puts it “we do not wrestle against spirit and blood but principalities”.But for you to know the right area to indulge your spirituality is another matter.Much as people will advance all forms of arguments on this particular matter, one thing is for sure that to know and recognise the truth one must live to love and imbibe the truth.A trees life begins with its roots and one cant tell where hes bound if he doesn`t know why,how and where he started the journey.

  Most people myopically think that RASTA is just reggae music,red yellow and green or ganja smoking, forgetting that the LEVITY of H.I.M is a whole way of life without beginning nor end…24|7 i.e. 24 hours a day 7 days a week.It is with a heavy heart that the I watch people misinterpreting the levity of H.I.M and earning the name rasta just for their dread locks.Like a tree can`t do without its roots ,for one to be a total rasta one is supposed to wind back to where he`s coming from.Knowing your roots and culture enlightens you on how to live and the purpose of your life.How can someone bring you peace when he lives in war, and why would one present your creator to you as someone you never knew before.

  Iesus Christus the incarnation of the spirit of Jah in flesh is born into the earthly creation to expand the living gosples of the teachings in the millenium of his birth.The Rastafarian Nazarenes of the present day messianic revelation proclaimed their HOLA INCANTATION to the world creation, in 1930 with the coronation of HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY(H.I.M) HAILE SELLASIE I in Adis Ababa Ithiopia,and unto I and I Rastafari Holy city of peace,Jerusalem,Mount Zion.Rastafarians partake as Kings,Queens,Princes,Princesses and as representatives of the seed of Isreal unto all who HAIL spiritual sonship in the royal family`s name RAS(KING) TAFARI as living spirit in flesh.

  Rastafari is a way of living to please others and at the same time yourself,as you live for others you live for yourself.Rastafarians normally don’t use the pronouns he,she,they and dem.You are I and I am you,therefore we are all the I.The greatest way to show your love for Jah is to love your Idren, as the great prophet Joseph hill(may the man rest in blessed peace) put it no red eye no likki likki never eat swine.,that’s the true Rasta living.It is therefore palpable why Rastafarians base their culture in the roots of love.  

  Follow Rasta salute for fresh RASTA vibes as we advance on full throttle on the true ways of life of a righteous Rasta.Each one teach one so I am expecting much feedback from you in the form of comments,suggestions and correction..

    Love JAH,respect your Idren and live in Inity.Hail JAH,conquering Lions of the tribe of Judah incarnate inna this millennium.


                                                        Quame Bongo



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One Response to RASTA SALUTE

  1. Kakraba lostRaggamufin says:

    dem masa think say rasta ago fall ina this strange iwa. Rasman dem is a lion. full stop.

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