Our Money oh Ghana

SALARIES/ ALLOWANCES OF GHANAIAN MINISTERSBasic Salary – GHC10,000.Duty allowance -50% of basic salary = GHC5,000.Special allowance – 30% of basic salary =GHC3,000.Entertainment allowance – 35% of basicsalary = GHC3,500.Wardrobe allowance – 10% of basic salary =GHC1,000Grand Total = GHC22,500.Other benefits include:45 gallons of fuel a week.Fully Furnished.Accommodations.One 4X4 cross country.Land Cruiser.One luxury saloon car.One Chauffeur.One Cook.One Gardner.One Steward.One Security.Police Escort.Ex-gratia of GHC400,000.This is how much you are paying with ur taxes. You are not the cause of this hardship. How can Ghana move forward with this.Lets all focus on working harder to meet daily expenditure or forsake the mother land. Well that’s my opinion.

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The time has come again to address world ignorance, the shadow government, and clandestine operations of the deceitful people who currently think they rule the planet.  Caucasians are not fully or normally developed human beings but are only the inbred mutant albinos of their genetic masters—Black Africans. Do you know the real reason white people perform laboratory experiments on white lab rats is because those white lab rats share the same genetic code as they share?  They share two common factors—the albino, and the inbreeding factor.  Those white rats are bred for their albinism and are deliberately inbred to mimic the genealogy of so-called “Caucasians.” White people perform experiments on white rats to see how experiments potentially go over in the human Caucasoid population. If they want to know how something will impact the normal population, the benchmark used is a normally colored rat.  In the human world, if they want to know how something will impact the normal human population, their benchmark is a black human being. Black humans contain the only fully developed genes and genealogy is the benchmark for normalcy. Inbreeding has caused the gene pool of white people to become severely depleted, and whites have far less genetic diversity than their black genetic masters. 


White people are far more prone to various genetic defects, malfunctions and disorders.  Ever notice why white people have far more tolerance for milk the most lactose tolerant? Since white people reflect sunlight with white skin, they do not synthesize vitamin D like normal people, and this automatically decreases calcium levels in the blood. To compensate, they have to have calcium depleted from their bones, leaving their bones porous and weak and leaving whites susceptible to osteoporosis. Their bodies always need calcium because it is always robbed from their bodies. Normal people, after reaching a certain age, no longer need milk and should be waned off of it.  In the wild, when was the last time you saw a full grown animal still suckling its mother?  Actually, black people should not drink milk.  They can get all of the Vitamin D they need from sunshine.  Caucasians need supplements to help them make up for the Vitamin D deficiency.  This is why most people who are lactose intolerant are black people and why white people are not only the most lactose tolerant, but needy.  In the supermarket, notice how many products have calcium added in them from orange juice and other fruit juices to breakfast cereal? All that extra calcium fortification is to aid whites in their inability to maintain healthy vitamin D levels in their bodies because of the genetic defect. This is the governments way of “leveling the playing field” if you will.


Why is there so much secrecy at various military bases and archaeological digs?  This is really where the shadow government arrives.  White people are hiding the fact that today’s technology is nothing more than recycled ancient technology from civilizations long ago.  The secret aircraft they are manufacturing at area 51 out in the western United States are only reversed engineered aircraft from ancient aircraft excavated from archaeological digs. The shadow government is rediscovering and recycling this technology and taking credit for it as though they are the originators, when in fact they are not.  It is all a part of the white “supremacy” proliferation at the expense of their genetic masters Black Africans.  The way the system works is as follows:  Various archaeologists, Egyptologists etc. are dispatched to various archaeological digs to excavate ultra classified ancient artifacts or anomalies that must remain hidden and unknown to the vast majority of the world. These artifacts and anomalies are sent to various laboratories and universities who are given government funding to “figure out how these things work and recreate or reverse engineer them” in a way that implies that so called modern white men are the originators and progenitors of this technology, and all traces of any ancient ties are clearly swept away and eradicated from the equation.  The more universities contribute to this task, the more they are rewarded with bogus prestigious ranks by US News and World Report and THES the times of London.  It works similarly for corporate giants like AT&T, IBM etc. MIT’s Lincoln Laboratories is a main culprit in reverse engineering these artifacts and anomalies.  This is why they are so highly revered and respected.  How many black archaeologists or Egyptologists do you know?  Black people are diverted from certain areas of expertise or professions and for good reason.  The shadow government does not want black people to go into areas of Archaeology, Egyptology, Biochemistry, etc. in large numbers because expertise in these fields will show black people just how fraudulent the world’s current paradigm really is.


The seat of a shadow government can be located London, England.  Many people believe the United States of America received independence from England after signing of the Declaration of Independence. The truth of the matter is, not only was the Declaration of Independence a farce, we are still a British colony like many other parts of the world.  Everything that goes on in the United States from the economy to fashion is dictated by the British.  It always has been.  Most people don’t realize this, but it is the truth.  Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are not the richest men in the world, the Rockefellers and the Rothschild’s are.  They are literally trillionaires.  The Rothschild’s are worth an estimated 100 trillion dollars or more.  They are the higher ups in the Illuminati who are the main ones controlling world affairs.  The Boule is the people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and others who take the heat for the super powerful men behind the scenes.  The world is not really what it seems. There is more or less a dichotomy of reality. There is the official reality that most people think they know, and then there is the truth. The shadow government works feverishly to keep that truth hidden from plain view.  Remember the “Secret Covenant” that I discussed in a past essay.  Certain truths just can’t get out in the open. The main ones: That white people are black people’s inbred mutant albino offspring, that modern technology was actually originated by ancient black super civilization from long ago, and that many of the things that is wrong with the world are completely white people’s fault, from out of whack weather situations to various disease outbreaks, to even this economic crisis we are going through as we approach the next decade beginning in 2010. All of these things are at the hands of the shadow government.  Never trust white people. The prime directive of those mutants is to deceive the world and maintain their inferior genetic strain at all costs.  That is the real reason for stem cell research and cloning.  As I have pointed out, white people cannot reproduce themselves efficiently like normal black people so they need extra help like cloning, stem cell research and surrogate mothers.  In many parts of the world, white people cannot carry their unborn children to full term because they are victimized by photolysis.  Solar radiation depleting their foliate levels keeping cell replication difficult or impossible.  So what do they do?  Find black women or Indian women or other women of color to carry their children to term for them.  White people are unnatural genetic defects and freaks of nature who cannot function as normal human beings.  They should not even exist within the context that we understand them and they certainly should not be ruling over their black genetic parents.  Once you understand these key concepts, you are well on your way to understanding what white people are hiding from you, that you should know.


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Editor’s note: Dan Riffle is a former assistant prosecutor and the director of federal policies at the Marijuana Policy Project, the primary financial backer of the 2012 campaign to regulate marijuana in Colorado.


(CNN) — Anti-marijuana crusaders like Kevin Sabet, while well-intentioned, are promoting policies that lead to more violence and disease in our society. In his recent CNN.com op-ed, Sabet argues we should keep marijuana illegal. But as long as marijuana remains illegal, profits from sales go to criminals and drug cartels, and adults will continue to be punished for using a substance less harmful than currently legal drugs.


Confused? Let’s back up. For more than 80 years, our government has spent tens of billions of taxpayer dollars fighting a war against marijuana. We arrest three-quarters of a million adults every year, 87% for simple possession rather than production or sales of marijuana. Courtrooms turn into assembly lines churning out probationers — mostly minorities — with convictions that will make it virtually impossible to find employment.


The result? Marijuana is universally available, used by almost half of Americans at some point in their lives, and we’ve enriched murderous drug cartels fueling violence in Mexico that has claimed more than 60,000 lives.


Dan Riffle

Dan Riffle


Of course, we’ve been down this road before. During alcohol prohibition in the 1930s, federal agents raided speakeasies and busted barrels of illegally produced and imported booze. Meanwhile, bootleggers made money hand over fist, empowering criminals like Al Capone to turn Chicago into an urban war zone. And much like with marijuana today, even under alcohol prohibition most Americans who wanted a drink had no problem finding one.


Today, marijuana prohibition has proven itself just as disastrous a public policy failure as alcohol prohibition before it. Yet despite all the obvious similarities between the two, there’s one key difference: Marijuana is dramatically safer than alcohol.


According to the Centers for Disease Control, excessive alcohol use is the third leading lifestyle-related cause of death. In a typical year, there are roughly 25,000 alcohol-induced deaths in the United States, most from long-term consequences like liver disease and some from acute alcohol poisoning brought on by binge drinking.


Marijuana, on the other hand, does not cause overdose deaths and comes with far fewer long-term health consequences. A 2009 Canadian study determined the annual health-related costs associated with alcohol are more than eight times greater per user than with marijuana. And, according to the Institute of Medicine, people who use marijuana are far less likely to become dependent than those who drink alcohol.

Seattle opens marijuana farmers market

Washington details pot sale rules


Even if you don’t drink, alcohol can kill you. Federal agencies report that 40% of violent crimes in the U.S. are linked to alcohol use, whereas those same agencies report that marijuana users usually do not commit violent crimes. Alcohol plays a role in a third of all emergency room visits. As a prosecuting attorney, I often had police confess to me how much they loathed arresting drunks, given how often the situation escalated to violence. I never fielded similar complaints about marijuana consumers.


The irony is that these perverse policies are cheered on by organizations with names like “Save Our Society” that seem to believe chaos will somehow ensue if adults are no longer punished for using marijuana. The reality is that by punishing adults who would rather use marijuana, we’re encouraging them to instead use alcohol — a more dangerous and harmful, but legal, drug. Public policy should be geared toward reducing violence and disease, not maximizing them.


There is a better way. Polling shows a majority of Americans want marijuana taxed and regulated. A growing number of states are bucking our federal government’s policy of absolute marijuana prohibition, and the Department of Justice recently signaled it will not challenge state laws that regulate the cultivation and sale of marijuana.


By doing so, we can take marijuana away from criminals and cartels and put it in the hands of licensed businesses. Obviously, those businesses should be subject to sensible rules ranging from where and when they can operate and who is able to invest in them, to restrictions on advertising.


Don’t believe it could work? In 2009, Colorado’s medical marijuana industry exploded, prompting the state to put in place the kinds of regulations I’ve just outlined. According to CDC data on youth drug use, from 2009 to 2011 — a time when youth marijuana use increased nationally — the percentage of Colorado teens using marijuana dropped more than any other state in the country and is now below the national average.


Marijuana is safer than alcohol; let’s treat it that way. Adults who would prefer to use marijuana instead of alcohol should be free to do so. Just as significant, the law enforcement resources spent making those three-quarters of a million arrests could instead be devoted to preventing and solving real crimes.


In other words, regulating marijuana would make America a safer, healthier nation.



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              RASTA SALUTE



  Good vibes,Blessed love to one and all.Rasta salute to all our ardent visitors.This blog keeps H.I.M (His Imperial Majesty) Love flowing in symbiotic ways ,each one teach one.RASTAFARI bless us still.

  In this time of armaggideon mans only chance is to draw closer to a higher and upright sense of spirituality.As the Ible(Bible) puts it “we do not wrestle against spirit and blood but principalities”.But for you to know the right area to indulge your spirituality is another matter.Much as people will advance all forms of arguments on this particular matter, one thing is for sure that to know and recognise the truth one must live to love and imbibe the truth.A trees life begins with its roots and one cant tell where hes bound if he doesn`t know why,how and where he started the journey.

  Most people myopically think that RASTA is just reggae music,red yellow and green or ganja smoking, forgetting that the LEVITY of H.I.M is a whole way of life without beginning nor end…24|7 i.e. 24 hours a day 7 days a week.It is with a heavy heart that the I watch people misinterpreting the levity of H.I.M and earning the name rasta just for their dread locks.Like a tree can`t do without its roots ,for one to be a total rasta one is supposed to wind back to where he`s coming from.Knowing your roots and culture enlightens you on how to live and the purpose of your life.How can someone bring you peace when he lives in war, and why would one present your creator to you as someone you never knew before.

  Iesus Christus the incarnation of the spirit of Jah in flesh is born into the earthly creation to expand the living gosples of the teachings in the millenium of his birth.The Rastafarian Nazarenes of the present day messianic revelation proclaimed their HOLA INCANTATION to the world creation, in 1930 with the coronation of HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY(H.I.M) HAILE SELLASIE I in Adis Ababa Ithiopia,and unto I and I Rastafari Holy city of peace,Jerusalem,Mount Zion.Rastafarians partake as Kings,Queens,Princes,Princesses and as representatives of the seed of Isreal unto all who HAIL spiritual sonship in the royal family`s name RAS(KING) TAFARI as living spirit in flesh.

  Rastafari is a way of living to please others and at the same time yourself,as you live for others you live for yourself.Rastafarians normally don’t use the pronouns he,she,they and dem.You are I and I am you,therefore we are all the I.The greatest way to show your love for Jah is to love your Idren, as the great prophet Joseph hill(may the man rest in blessed peace) put it no red eye no likki likki never eat swine.,that’s the true Rasta living.It is therefore palpable why Rastafarians base their culture in the roots of love.  

  Follow Rasta salute for fresh RASTA vibes as we advance on full throttle on the true ways of life of a righteous Rasta.Each one teach one so I am expecting much feedback from you in the form of comments,suggestions and correction..

    Love JAH,respect your Idren and live in Inity.Hail JAH,conquering Lions of the tribe of Judah incarnate inna this millennium.


                                                        Quame Bongo



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The Amsterdam News has learned, and the U.S. Embassy has confirmed, that Malcolm Shabazz – grandson of Malcolm X, was killed in Mexico.
Several reports around the circumstances of his death, stilled unconfirmed, have rumored that he died early Thursday morning, May 9, 2013 from injuries sustained after he was thrown offa building or shot as he was being robbed in Tijuana.
“I’m confirming, per U.S. Embassy,on behalf of family, the tragic death of Malcolm Shabazz, grandson of Malcolm X.Statement frm family 2 come,” wrote close friend of the Shabazz family Terrie M. Williams on twitter.
Family members have confirmed his death and that he was in Mexico but have not confirmed the exact location or circumstances of how Malcolm Shabazz died.
Malcolm Shabazz is survived by two daughters, his mother and several aunts.
Malcolm Shabazz pled guilty and was found guilty of manslaughterand arson and was sentenced to 18 months in Juvenile detention. His stay was extended and he was released four years later. Years later he told the Amsterdam News that he had notset the fire.
Malcolm Shabazz was in the process of writing two books, at least one of which was a manuscript, and he was attendingJohn Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York.
Source: http:// m.amsterdamnews. com/mobile/ news/national/ malcolm-shabazz- grandson-of-mal colm-x-killed-i n-tia-juana/ article_5f2334f2 -b8eb-11e2-93b2 -0019bb2963f4.h tml

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The term black people is an everyday English-language phrase, often used in North America to refer to Americans and Canadians of Sub-Saharan African descent. Outside North America, the term”black people”, or close translations of it, is alsoused in other socially based systems of racial classification, or of ethnicity for persons who are perceived to be dark-skinned relative to other “racial”groups – or else who are defined as belonging to a “black” ethnicity.

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